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Martino Merit Award - Nathan Holt

Congratulations to WHMS student, Nathan Holt!

He is this week's Martino Merit Award recipient, presented to him on behalf of WHMS Special Education Teaching Assistant, Susan Sanders.


“Since I met Nathan, I have noticed what a positive person he is. He is a very caring, considerate, and respectful student. He has shown great leadership skills in wrestling and as a first year wrestler was a very hard worker. He enhanced the team by sharing his work ethic and drive to become a better wrestler. Nathan uses these skills in the classroom in his effort to be a good student. I am very excited for the bright future Nathan has ahead of him and am sure he will reach his goals and dreams. Congratulations Nathan Holt, you are the recipient of the Martino Merit Award.”--Mrs. Sanders

This award, established by WHMS staff in memory of former Wisconsin Hills principal Robyn Martino (who always put people and relationships first), alternates between staff and student.