Martino Merit Award - Danielle Shryock

Congratulations to WHMS Teacher, Danielle Shryock!

She is this week's Martino Merit Award recipient, presented to her on behalf of WHMS student, Serene Forney.

"Since the beginning of the year, she has been a very kind and understanding person, she is the type of person who you can always lean on. In times when you feel your life was just hard, and that all your life was falling apart, she was the one who could help you put all my broken pieces back together. Even if there are problems she must face, she faces them with a smile that's bright and inspiring. Within all her classes she teaches with the intent to prepare her students for success in the future and although that may be hard and tedious she still comes back and does it again. An important lesson that she has taught me is that everyone goes through their own kind of pain and hardships, but it's important to remember to do all you can for a loved one, until you can't. Thus I'd like to congratulate Mrs. Shryock for being the recipient of the Martino Merit Award." - Serene Forney

This award, established by WHMS staff in memory of former Wisconsin Hills principal Robyn Martino (who always put people and relationships first), alternates each week between staff and student. If a student receives it, he/she has a week to nominate a staff member, then the staff member has a week to nominate a student, and so on.