Martino Merit Award - Nhu Y Truong

Congratulations to WHMS Student, Nhu Y Truong!

She is this week's Martino Merit Award recipient, presented to her on behalf of WHMS Teacher, Danielle Shyrock.

"It is with great pleasure that I present the Martino Merit Award to Nhu Y Truong. Nhu Y is a multilingual student who works incredibly hard to do her best in school. She models grace and tenacity everyday. Her smile lights up a room and her gentleness is warm and friendly. Nhu Y is kind to others and has earned many new friends since her arrival at WHMS. I am grateful to have Nhu Y as a student. I have learned much from her; she's made me a better person. Congratulations, Nhu Y!"--Danielle Shryock

This award, established by WHMS staff in memory of former Wisconsin Hills principal Robyn Martino (who always put people and relationships first), alternates each week between staff and student. If a student receives it, he/she has a week to nominate a staff member, then the staff member has a week to nominate a student, and so on.