Martino Merit Award - Patty Quereshi

Congratulations to WHMS Teacher, Patty Quereshi!

She is this week's Martino Merit Award recipient, presented to her on behalf of WHMS student, Nhu Y Truong.

"Mrs. Quereshi, you have helped me so much and I am very thankful for what you do to make sure I improve on my English. You go further than some of my teachers to really make sure I understand everything and get my questions answered. I appreciateĀ all that you do, you have the best way of making a room light up and makingĀ  students have much more self confidence. Thank you so much for making WHMS feel like an even safer community for not only my self but other students you help as well."--Nhu Y Truong

This award, established by WHMS staff in memory of former Wisconsin Hills principal Robyn Martino (who always put people and relationships first), alternates each week between staff and student. If a student receives it, he/she has a week to nominate a staff member, then the staff member has a week to nominate a student, and so on.