Martino Merit Award - Ryan Streit

The first Martino Merit Award of the 2020-21 school year goes to 8th grader Ryan Streit. R. Streit

In a recent Cross Country meet, Ryan noticed a boy from the other school who was injured on the course. Ryan asked the boy, while he was running, if the boy was ok. The boy replied that he was, but as Ryan looked back, he noticed the boy hobbling over to a bench on the course. Ryan went back to the boy, and asked if he wanted him to go get help. The boy said, “yes,” so Ryan ran to let a group of adults know, and then stopped to tell a volunteer on the course. He still finished in second place! The boy’s parent later emailed us to let us know the story, thanking the mystery boy from WHMS who helped her son. Coach Losey said, “I'm so proud that he did the right thing and was concerned for another and not worried about the race. Ryan - Thank you for putting someone else's needs in the forefront when you were competing.  You made a huge impact on a family you didn't even know!”