Martino Merit Award - Heather Janke

Congratulations to WHMS Teacher, Heather Janke!

"I'm grateful to have had Mrs.Janke as my teacher for 6th and 7th grade in the way that I really liked the way she taught the class and made it engaging. She always had a smile and would try to make our learning fun. She helped me when I didn't understand something and always encouraged me to do more than required. Thanks to her, I always take notes and show all my work, as well as that math has become my favorite subject. From all that I have learned in the past, I have been able to apply it in all my math assignments, making it easier to figure an answer out."
-- Montserrat Camacho

This award, established by WHMS staff in memory of former Wisconsin Hills principal Robyn Martino (who always put people and relationships first), alternates each week between staff and student. If a student receives it, he/she has a week to nominate a staff member, then the staff member has a week to nominate a student, and so on.